21 x 35 best 2bhk interior and exterior design ideas for small house

21 x 35 under 14 lakhs | best free 2bhk interior and exterior design ideas for small house | 700 sq ft | Full walkthrough - AM01H01

   Free download 21 feet by 35 feet under 14 lakhs Best 2bhk interior and exterior ideas for small house over 700 sq ft  - AM Designs(amhouseplan).

21 x 35 budget house plan elevation

 This house is designed for Single-family, about 20.5 x 35 feet  East facing budget friendly house , its built on 700sq.ft (ground floor)14 Lakhs budget house has designed by AM DESIGNS, Kumbakonam.


Type : Budget

Size : 20’6" x 35’

floor : 1 (G+0)

Area : 700 Sq.ft

 Category : 2 BHK

Budget : 14 Lakhs

21 x 35 budget house plan elevation
image code : AM01H01V01

Thinking about building a house and want a better idea of how much it will cost. you are reading this because you want to know how to easily price out your home build. building a house will cost you anywhere from 1500 to 2000 rupees per square foot depending on its size labor the location and the materials you choose. 

1500 to 2000 rupees per square foot is a big difference you ask you'd be right. But, you wanted something quick didn't you, so if you're building a base-model nothing special or fancy a new well-built home you'll be safe to estimate about 1500 rupees per square foot ,

1800 a square foot you're getting into the nicer show homes at the track builders build. 


21 x 35 budget house plan elevation
image code : AM01H01GF Ground floor


This house consist of:

  • Living
  • 2 Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Foyer
  • 2 Toilet
  • Staircase (inside)


Foyer with staircase

19’0” x 6’0”


9’1.5” x  15’9”


9’6" x 7’0”

Common Toilet

6’0” x 4’0”

 Bedroom 1

9’1.5” x 10’4.5”

Bedroom 2

9’6” x 10’4.5”

Att. Toilet

6'0" x 4'0"

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2000rs per square foot on the other hand is where you get everything custom high-end finishes high quality and typically things in a house. There are so many different factors affecting home building pricing that is impossible to have a one-size-fits-all that works everywhere instead there are some important factors that you need to consider. 

if you want to dive deeper and get a clear view of estimating your bills. so I've broken these down into four factors first one is location second one is size then labour then material.

  • Location

  • Size

  • Labour

  • Material


so let's look at a location a hop market is exactly that things cost more. it's more expensive to build, it's more expensive to buy and it's more expensive to hire builders. if you're in a hot market you have to realize that your labour costs the lot costs and even material costs might increase substantially for an easy example think about the difference in building a home in major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, etc. 

2500rs for per square foot two-story home major city size building a smaller home will generally mean it will be cheaper but remember that you will always have a base price to get somebody on site.

21 x 35 budget house plan elevation
image code : AM01H01V02

building bigger might mean more complex construction, uncommon material and even specialized labour brings us into labour, you should know that builders are not, all the same, any builder can build you a house. but not everyone can build you a well-built house if there are labour shortages be prepared to pay a premium to get your project move to the head of the line material they say that 80% of the home is in variable meaning that cost is pretty much the cost the same 2x4 costs the same in an average house as in a luxury house and the same concrete used to cost the same there too where the biggest jump comes in the finishing costs that 20% of a variable.

21 x 35 budget house plan elevation
image code : AM01H01V03

For a Budget home, the difficult part in the maximum region is the availability of worker. Due to shortages in most places, people are withdrawing contractors, which raises the prices insignificantly.

But if you try on your decision to build a house and you suddenly find that your labour has left you high and dry the cost go over could be larger than what you wage a contractor. Even with a contractor you should be able to build a 1000 sq ft house at Rs 15 lakh.


21 x 35 budget house plan elevation
image code : AM01H01V04

cheap Construction Technology doesn't mean that the building will be with low-quality materials. New advanced techniques will be used to decrease the drinking of cement in the construction of Wall and Plastering work. 

Resting all work-related Flooring, Kitchen Platform, electrical, and Plumbing will be with acceptable quality materials.

In any case, we need to go through our Common Sense up to the greater extent for Selection/buying of Material for Flooring and building of the wall, directly from the closest Source with no dealer or Supplier.

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21 x 35 budget house plan elevation
image code : AM01H01V05

You can reduce the price of building using of cheap price materials, like fly-ash bricks for walls, mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles for flooring and Cuddapah stones for kitchen top and UPVC for windows.

If you do not build the roof by load bearing structure, you can construct a slab with lowest thickness of 10cms . maintain electrical points and bathroom fittings sufficient.

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21 x 35 budget house plan elevation
image code : AM01H01V06

Pick an area with likely improvements later on, where plots are accessible at much lower costs.

The degree of the plot which is a lot of lower than the degree of the street can welcome extra expenses as it will require a greater amount of filling material, along these lines, expanding the development costs. Select plots which are at a similar level as the street


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We highly recommend to discuss with your Architect or Engineer before making this arrangement once. we expect this article was useful to you.

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