17 x 30 east facing house plan for budget friendly

17 x 30 size east facing house plan for budget friendly - AM22P9

17 x 30 east facing house plan for budget friendly

  Free download 17 feet by 30 feet 500 sq ft 1bhk home plan AM Designs(amhouseplan). This house is convenient for Single-family its specially for 3 person perfectly live in this home, About 17x30 east facing house plan for budget friendly , its built on 500sq.ft (ground floor)10 Lakhs estimation for this house. It has designed by AM DESIGNS, Kumbakonam.


Facing : East

Size : 17’ x 30’

floor : 1 (G+0)

Area : 500 Sq.ft

 Category : 1 BHK

Budget : 10 Lakhs

17 x 30 east facing house plan for budget friendly

This house consist of :
  • Living
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Varendah
  • Staircase(inside)
  • Toilet
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11’3” x 14’0”


12’0” x  10’0”


7’6" x 7’0”


4’0” x 5’3”


3’ feet wide


            4’0” x 5’3”

The best planning ideas:

  There are to numerous factors to address this inquiry appropriately. These factors include: 

- The proprietors needs/necessities. 

- The site geology. 

- Sun powered way versus sees versus access. 

- The climatic zone. 

- The structure laws of the nation.

This is an insufficient write down.

So to respond to this inquiry, I would simply give you a few thoughts as I (nobody can) can't build up an arrangement without the above details:

- Utilize the geology of the land to you advantage. Don't simply attempt to make a level real estate parcel to expand on.

- Utilize the Solar Path for your potential benefit for keeping the house agreeable normally. Remember the concealing gadgets or the house would get to hot.

- Protection in rooftops can't be ignored and whenever required for your atmosphere dividers and floor section protection.

- Contingent upon the sun powered radiation of the property, sun oriented spring, enlistment spring, moment gas spring and so forth.

17 x 30 east facing house plan for budget friendly

- Contingent upon the atmosphere and way of life, verandah or sunrooms are ideal social occasion spots and diversion territories.

- Trees / fences in the region of the house for windbreaks and clamor constriction.

- On the off chance that you are in a stormy atmosphere, consider a secured zone for garments drying - tumble dryers are not energy proficient.

- Lumber or warm break window outlines or if in extraordinary climatic conditions twofold coating.

- In hot, damp and high precipitation zones think about a fold over verandah and high roofs. We consider it a Natal Verandah House style. This plan by and large doesn't need HVAC.

- Individuals by and large overlook clothing regions.

- A parlor and eating region opening up into a huge verandah with enormous sliding entryways make the zone look greater and again is ideal for engaging.

- Think about a wash/arrangement bowl in the kitchen alongside the ordinary sink, except if you have considered a different scullery.



Presention Plan

HD Presentation Plan

(With measurents) + HD Isometric


Working Drawing



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Warning: This article is only a fundamental outline of the house plan for 17 by 30. Discuss with your Architect or Engineer before making this arrangement once. we expect this article was useful to you.



    This house is specially designed for Single-family, about 19 x 25 North facing budget friendly house , its built on 485sq.ft (ground floor)7 Lakhs budget house Read more

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