22 x 40 Perfect 2bhk house plan with price


22'3" x 40'0" East facing Perfect 2bhk House plan and Elevation with Price - AM93P65

22 x 40 Perfect 2bhk house plan with price
  Today we have shown Best 2bhk house 2D Plan and 3D Elevations design within 900 square feet if you have 3 Cent land this plan perfectly fit in those land or plot. Now lets look more details about this plan, It has designed 22 feet and 3 inches in wide facing of East and West direction, 40 feet long of North and South direction. Main road is facing on east so we placed entrance on East direction.

 This plan is looking like rectangular in shape, we have some advantage of this shape, Because sun path is generally covered on East to west direction side so that place we provided shortest face of the building and North- South facing provided longest face of building this direction is not to much of sun heat strike on house. so, we are escaped from direct heat from sun, This is main advantage for rectangular shape site. Overall 850 square feet build area house plan with 2BHK. 
   we have Estimated this plan has Approximately 16 Lakhs budget to build this house (It may vary in your current location due to material transportation or Labour charge). This plan has completely designed for Indian people, People who looking for similar requirement and you can use this plan.

 We provided download link of working plan in PDF at the end of this post. It has designed by AM DESIGNS, Kumbakonam, Tanjore- Tamilnadu.

This house contain:
   - Foyer
   - Living (Hall)
   - Master Bedroom
   - Attached Toilet
   - Common Toilet
   - Guest Bedroom
   - Dining
   - Kitchen
   - Staircase (Inside).

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Facing : East

Size : 22’3" x 40’

floor : 1 (G+0)

Area : 850 Square feet

 Category : 2 BHK

Budget : 16 Lakhs


22 x 40 Perfect 2bhk house plan with price

  Let see plan's arrangements Main entrance placed at North-East corner then small place it's called foyer for two wheeler's can be kept here or we can be sitting area. Staircase located at the direction of East-West corner so we can access to go first floor or Terrace area and then another benefit is this is outside staircase so Easy to access in future we can build rent house in first floor.

 Building a modest box-shaped house is the most affordable option. The design and architecture are simpler when the layout is square or rectangle. If you require extra space, you might want to think about designing for a multi-story home because, generally speaking, going up is less expensive than creating a huge one-story home.

If you're concerned that a box-style home won't be appealing, keep in mind that you may add flair to the exterior with low-cost design items like lighting, shutters, and landscaping.

The roof is another element of the home's architecture to take into account. You wouldn't believe how many various roofing styles there are, and they can have an impact on the cost of your house.



10’9" x  4’0”

Living with Dining

10’0" x 18’0”

Master Bedroom

10’0” x 11’0”

Att. Toilet

25 Sq.ft

Guest Bedroom

10’0" x 11’0”

Common Toilet

30 Sq.ft


10’0" x 8’0”


3 Feet wide

For Full Measurement PDF -   https://imojo.in/amd93/ 

 Smaller homes are becoming more and more popular for a good reason: they are less expensive to construct and can be put on wheels for those who may want to shift in the potential. To reap the financial advantages of a smaller dwelling, however, you are not need to purchase a little house.

The cost of a lot of your supplies and labour will be expressed in square feet. That implies that reducing the floor space of your ideal home will lower its cost.

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22 x 40 Perfect 2bhk house plan with price

  Hire an experienced home builder if you're working with one. Even though a skilled builder could expense with over another who has minimal to no expertise, you'll probably make up the difference in price during the construction phase.

  You can learn where to spend money and where you can save money with the aid of an expert function. They will probably also have original suggestions for how to cut costs. Additionally, they can assist you in avoiding issues before they develop as they have probably dealt with many issues throughout their career you can choose to take on the role of your own constructor and oversee the construction of your home yourself if you have construction experience or a sizable network of competent labours. You might still decide to consult a designer.

22 x 40 Perfect 2bhk house plan with price

  The cost of the project might be greatly increased by any modifications you made to our construction project while it is being built. Therefore, before you begin construction, it's crucial to get your blueprints author early on in the planning process.

  Additionally, you run the danger of paying a significant fine if you begin work without first obtaining it approved by your city or county. You should also obtain an acceptance letter from your banker at this moment, if you haven't previously. While you may usually start building without pre - approval, you might subsequently have trouble getting a financing.

22 x 40 Perfect 2bhk house plan with price

  Even if your initial estimate might not be exact, beginning to understand the expenses can be beneficial for you all through the whole process of construction. Make careful to include any pricing changes or new costs in your budget. To ensure that you constantly understand wherever your spending is at and that you don't run the danger of not having enough money, it ought to be a living document that updates as your plans do.

  You will be required to provide a breakdown of costs regardless of whether you are utilizing a new mortgage or another kind of finance. When you file for preapproval, your lender will probably want to know how much you intend to spend on every stage of the project.

  The use of recycled materials in home construction, such as old wooden doors or wood, is not only fashionable but also cost-effective. Be on the lookout for salvaged windows, doors, and woodwork.

  Unsure of where to look for recycled materials? Check out a salvage shop, Earth Recycling, or Facebook. Even a house that is being demolished could have some of its ancient elements that can be salvaged.


  Here we displayed construction cost of this house plan like as Material cost and labour cost.

 we are recommended this estimation completely for Reference purpose, Please don't consider as Exact cost of this house plan. because its may vary for future or its depend upon your Native location and Material or Labor charge change might vary everyday.

  Otherwise this article useful for your future house planning or Your dream house

Cost of Resources in estimated amount

Contractor/Labour cost












Doors & Windows


Electrical & Plumbing










Let Consider as Approxitely 16 Lakhs of Budget for this house plan


Required material quantity for 850 Sq ft


382 Bags


1,615 Cubic feet


1,700 Cubic feet


850 Square feet


3 Ton


16,150 Pieces


153 Liters

For Full Measurement PDF -   https://imojo.in/amd93/ 

22 x 40 Perfect 2bhk house plan with price

Download in PDF Presentation plan | working plan | 3D Elevation

Go to this Link  -  https://imojo.in/amd93

Warning: This article is only a fundamental outline of the house plan for 22 by 40. Discuss with your Architect or Engineer before making this arrangement once. we expect this article was useful to you.

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