23 x 50 simple model house plan 2024

23 x 50 simple model house plan 2024

 After long time we bring into 2bhk House floor plan idea. This plan has 23 feet wider and 50 feet like rectangular shape floor design. Its built on 1150 square feet. we have Estimated this plan has Approximately 21 Lakhs budget to build this house (Its may vary in your current location due to material qualities, transportation or Labour charges)

 We provided download link of  PDF at the end of this post. It has designed by AM DESIGNS, Kumbakonam, Tanjore- Tamilnadu.

This house contain
  • Parking
  • Hall(Living)
  • Dining
  • Kitchen
  • 2 Bedroom
  • 3 Toilet
  • Staircase (inside)

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House plan for 23 x 50 ?
1150 sq ft plot house design ?
1150 sq ft house design for middle class ?
house plan drawing 1150 sq ft ?
23 x 50 Ghar ka naksha?


Facing : North

Size : 23' x 50’

floor : 1 (G+1)

Area : 1150 Square feet

 Category : 2 BHK

Budget : 21 Lakhs


   - Car Parking - (shown in PDF below)

   - Living (Hall) - 18'6" x 13'0"

   - Dining - 88 Sq.ft

   - Kitchen - 10'6" x 10'0"

   - Bedroom 1 - 110 Sq.ft

   - Bedroom 2 - 11'0" x 12'0"

   - Attach  Toilet - (shown in PDF below)

   - Common Toilet - (shown in PDF below)

( For Full measurement Free PDF link at end of this post )

23 x 50 simple model house plan 2024

  One benefit of room layouts that reflect a room's square meter measurement is that it might aid in the space's visual presentation. A spacious hallway greets both the homeowner and visitors in this contemporary home design. The home contains an additional utility room, where the washer and dryer and other appliances are kept, in place of a cellar. Through a wing door, one may access the large living space as well as a study and a modest guest bathroom. 

  This little cottage has just one bedroom and one bathroom on the upper floor. We can see from the floor layout that an open wall divided a portion of the bedroom. This section has a little seating nook that, despite its compact size, provides the bedroom with adequate seclusion. On the other side, the bathroom is opulent and rather large. A wall separates the shower and a spacious bathtub from the toilet, and there is a single step going to them. Given that it's not the most attractive thing in the bathroom, a toilet can most likely be disguised.

  When there are financial or design restrictions, this will support decision-making. Finding the right mix between ease of use and relaxation is crucial when it involves bedroom arrangement ideas. Think on things like the room's dimensions, the amount of natural light in the space, storage options, and individual tastes.

 The design layout of a comfortable single-family home with a garage is seen in this image. The visitor enters the living area, study, and guest bathroom through a short hallway. This has a dining table, a sitting nook, and an open kitchen. The room is highly useful because of its open layout, and its design also displays the windows that let in natural light.

  The house isn't big, yet it has enough room for everything an ideal house ought to have. The interior is enhanced by the enormous patio that nearly completely encloses the living room.

Warning: This article is only a fundamental outline of the house plan for 23 by 50. Discuss with your Architect or Engineer before making this arrangement once. we expect this article was useful to you.

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