35 x 48 House Plan Design Bangalore Style 5BHK


35'0" x 48'0" Best 5BHK house plan design with Price - AM121P90

35 x 48 House Plan Design Bangalore Style 5BHK

  Let's look about Most Awesome Modern House plan design with Bangalore style 5bhk with in House interior garden. This house plan size has 35 feet wider and 48 feet Unique floor designs. Its built on 1640 square feet North facing house plan.
   we have Estimated this plan has Approximately 65 Lakhs budget to build this house (Its may vary in your current location due to material qualities, transportation or Labour charges). This plan has completely designed for Indian people, People who looking for similar requirement and you can use this plan.

 We provided download link of working plan in PDF at the end of this post. It has designed by AM DESIGNS, Kumbakonam, Tanjore- Tamilnadu.

This house contain:
   - Sitout in Front
   - Living (Hall)
   - Dining
   - Kitchen
   - 5 Bedroom
   - Family
   - 5 Toilet
   - Utility
   - Garden
   - Staircase (Inside).

Looking for plan :    1bhk   |   2bhk   |   3bhk   

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Facing : North

Size : 35' x 48’

floor : 1 (G+1)

Area : 1640 Square feet

 Category : 5 BHK

Budget : 65 Lakhs

35 x 48 House Plan Design Bangalore Style 5BHK





17’0" x 17’0”

Bedroom 1

10’0” x 15’0”

Att. Toilet

10'0" x 5'0"

Bedroom 2

10'0" x 13'0"

Attach Toilet

10'0" x 5'0"


12’0" x 10’0”


12’0" x 10’0”


55 Sq.ft


30 Sq.ft

For Full Measurement PDF -   https://imojo.in/amd121/ 

You should think about including some innovative house design ideas to add a wow factor if you're going to the expenditure of a pricey home repair or house building project.

 Consider whether you're searching for house design ideas to change how you living in and communicate in your home at this time, to add stylistic interest, or both. Here are 30 of the latest home design ideas to get your creative juices flowing and optimise the outcomes of your building project, from adopting a broken plan layout to adding a mezzanine to new plastering textures and all-in-one floors packages with underfloor heating.

The owners of this energy-efficient home decided to add a touch of contemporary design with seven fretwork panels made of simple steel that adorn the staircase from the highest to bottom and the striking pergola entrance porch. They did this to keep the materials consistent throughout their home and to celebrate the nearby Black Nation and its local artisans.

 The intricate pattern and painted finish give the inside and exterior "wow" effect, transforming a doorway and set of stairs to become out of the ordinary.

35 x 48 House Plan Design Bangalore Style 5BHK





17’0" x 17’0”

Master Bedroom

12’0” x 15’0”


41 Sq.ft

Attach Toilet

44 Sq.ft

Guest Bedroom

150 Sq.ft

Attach Toilet

41 Sq.ft

Kids Bedroom

130 Sq.ft

Attach Toilet

44 Sq.ft

Showcase Area

150 Sq.ft

For Full Measurement PDF -   https://imojo.in/amd121/ 

The pantry is a growingly popular design concept, and its space size has increased as well. Instead of a cabinet, homeowners prefer larger utility-sized rooms, which frees up the cooking area for lifestyle and partying.

While the concept of "opening the residence to the garden" is not new in home design, there is now more attention paid to the careful selection of materials for both the house's interior and the surrounding outdoor space.

 There is currently a movement to blur the lines between the indoor and outdoor environments and create a "room outdoors."

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  Here we displayed construction cost of this house plan like as Material cost and labour cost.

 we are recommended this estimation completely for Reference purpose, Please don't consider as Exact cost of this house plan. because its may vary for future or its depend upon your Native location and Material or Labor charge change might vary everyday.

  Otherwise this article useful for your future house planning or Your dream house

   Resource                | Unit            | Quantity  | Amount     
   Cement                  | Bag             | 1575      | ₹6,50,475   
   Steel                   | KG              | 12,250    | ₹6,12,500   
   Bricks                  | Per Piece       | 66,500    | ₹5,98,500   
   Aggregate               | Per Cubic feet  | 6,650     | ₹2,12,800   
   Sand                    | Per Cubic feet  | 7,000     | ₹3,71,000   
   Flooring                | Per Sq feet     | 3,500     | ₹5,15,500   
   Windows                 | Per Sq feet     | 595       | ₹3,03,470   
   Doors                   | Per Sq feet     | 630       | ₹4,35,960   
   Electrical fittings     | Per Sq feet     | 525       | ₹45,150    
   Painting                | Per Sq feet     | 21,000    | ₹9,45,000   
   Sanitary Fittings       | Per Sq feet     | 3,500     | ₹4,51,500   
   Kitchen Work            | Per Sq feet     | 192       | ₹1,54,500   
   Contractor (RCC, BrickWork, Plasterwork) | Per Sq feet | 3,500 | ₹10,12,500 
   Total Amount            | INR                      | ₹63,08,855   

Let Consider as Approxitely 65 Lakhs of Budget for this house plan


Download in PDF Presentation plan | working plan | A3 size Printable

Warning: This article is only a fundamental outline of the house plan for 35 by 48. Discuss with your Architect or Engineer before making this arrangement once. we expect this article was useful to you.

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