34 x 42 House plan 2 bedroom Indian style 2023


34'0" x 42'0" Best 1500 square feet 2bhk house floor plan 2023 - AM134P103

34 x 42 House plan 2 bedroom Indian style 2023

 Hey hello Today we have shown a beautiful 2bhk House ground floor plan for East facing site. This plan has 34 feet wider and 42 feet same rectangular floor designs again and Its built on 1428 square feet like around 1500 square feet.
   we have Estimated this plan has Approximately 28 Lakhs budget to build this house (Its may vary in your current location due to material qualities, transportation or Labour charges)

 We provided download link of  PDF at the end of this post. It has designed by AM DESIGNS, Kumbakonam, Tanjore- Tamilnadu.

This house contain
  • Living (Hall)
  • Dining
  • Kitchen
  • 2 Bedroom
  • 2 Dressing area
  • 3 Toilet
  • Staircase (Outside)

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House plan for 34 x 42 ?
1500 sq ft plot house design ?
1500 sq ft house design for middle class ?
house plan drawing 1500 sq ft ?
34 x 42 Ghar ka naksha?


Facing : East

Size : 34' x 42’

floor : 1 (G+1)

Area : 1428 Square feet

 Category : 2 BHK

Budget : 28 Lakhs


   - Living (Hall) - 15'9" x 15'3"

   - Kitchen - 11'6" x 11'6"

   - Dining - (shown in PDF below)

   - Bedroom 1 - 16'0" x 11'0"

   - Bedroom 2 - (shown in PDF below)

   - 2 Dress - (shown in PDF below)

   - 2 Attach  Toilet - (shown in PDF below)

   - Common Toilet - (shown in PDF below)

( For Full measurement Free PDF link at end of this post )

 The 34 by 42 floor plan for a two-bedroom Indian-style home in 2023 provides the ideal fusion of contemporary lifestyle and conventional architecture. This floor plan, which has about 1500 square feet for the living area, prioritizes comfort and usefulness. The thoughtfully designed layout includes roomy bedrooms, an open concept living space, and a luxurious kitchen to suit the needs of modern Indian families.

  This house plan stands out in part because of how much attention it pays to ventilation and natural light. Placed thoughtfully throughout the house, large windows not only improve the home's appearance but also foster a light and airy atmosphere. Incorporating external areas like a balcony or small patio also contributes to the overall beauty of the home by offering chances for leisure and al fresco dining.

  This house plan is very flexible and scalable, making it easy to add on or modify in the future. Homeowners may easily adapt their living arrangements over time without sacrificing structural integrity because to the well-thought-out layout, which allows them to add extra space or enlarge existing spaces to accommodate evolving needs.

34 x 42 House plan 2 bedroom Indian style 2023

Warning: This article is only a fundamental outline of the house plan for 34 by 42. Discuss with your Architect or Engineer before making this arrangement once. we expect this article was useful to you.

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