40 by 45 house plan | 3bhk | Car Parking 2023


40'0" x 45'0" Best 1600 square feet house plan - AM131P100

40 by 45 house plan | 3bhk | Car Parking 2023
 Today we have shown Simple 3bhk House floor plan with car parking East facing. This house plan size has 40 feet wider and 45 feet Unique floor designs. Its built on 1624 square feet.
   we have Estimated this plan has Approximately 30 Lakhs budget to build this house (Its may vary in your current location due to material qualities, transportation or Labour charges). This plan has completely designed for Indian people, People who looking for similar requirement and you can use this plan.

 We provided download link of working plan in PDF at the end of this post. It has designed by AM DESIGNS, Kumbakonam, Tanjore- Tamilnadu.

This house contain:
   - Car Parking
   - Sitout
   - Living (Hall)
   - Dining
   - Kitchen
   - 3 Bedroom
   - 3 Toilet
   - Dressing
   - Staircase (Inside).

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House plan for 40 x 45 ?
1600 square feet house ?
3bhk house plan with price ?
House plan East facing ?
40 by 45 house plan ?


Facing : East

Size : 40' x 45’

floor : 1 (G+1)

Area : 1600 Square feet

 Category : 2 BHK

Budget : 30 Lakhs


   - Sitout - 88 Sq.ft

   - Living (Hall) - 13'0" x 18'6"

   - Dining - 195 Sq.ft

   - Kitchen - 12'0" x 13'0"

   - Bedroom 1 - 127 Sq.ft

   - Attach Toilet 1 - 28 Sq.ft

   - Bedroom 2 - 145 Sq.ft

   - Common Toilet - 36 Sq.ft

   - Master Bedroom - 16'0" x 14'0"

   - Attach Toilet - 34 Sq.ft

 The floor plan is a key component in defining how each space will work and be laid out while constructing your ideal home. The main components and factors for a 3bhk (three bedroom, hall, and kitchen) residence design will be discussed in this part.  Three-bedroom house usually has a kitchen, a living/dining space (hall), and three bedrooms. The layout of the rooms should be planned to maximize use of available space while maintaining each room's comfort and seclusion.

  The arrangement of bedrooms is one crucial factor to take into account. They should ideally be placed away from noisy spaces like the kitchen or living room. This guarantees a calm setting for leisure and repose. Other crucial factors to take into account are each room's dimensions and layout. Bedrooms should have enough area for furnishings, including beds, dressers, and desks for studying, if necessary. There should be plenty of room in the living/dining area for mingling and hosting visitors.

   Furthermore, windows' positioning plays a critical role in letting natural light into every area. Properly positioned windows not only improve the appearance but also lower the requirement for artificial illumination during the day, making them more energy-efficient.

 Another essential component of any house concept is store. Each bedroom should have enough of storage space, such as built-in wardrobes or closets, to guarantee clutter-free living. Although here are some broad guidelines for designing a floor plan for a three-bedroom house, it's crucial to customize it to suit your unique requirements and tastes. You can develop a layout that fits your lifestyle by working with a designer or using internet design tools to help you construct something both aesthetically beautiful and functional. It's important to keep in mind that the perfect floor plan for a 3 bedroom house balances functionality, style, and personal preferences to create a peaceful home you'll enjoy returning to every day.

40 by 45 house plan | 3bhk | Car Parking 2023

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Warning: This article is only a fundamental outline of the house plan for 25 by 60. Discuss with your Architect or Engineer before making this arrangement once. we expect this article was useful to you.

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